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The best training on using a belly cast for newborn posing - right in your pocket

Welcome to the Photographer’s Guide to Belly Casting, an app that will help you master belly casting, one of my favorite add-on’s to my maternity and newborn sessions. For your convenience the content is available right on your phone or tablet to have with you everywhere you go. I walk you through step-by-step how to create and use the belly cast, manage the shoot, and get the shots that sell. I understand that we all learn differently and in different places, so each section includes:

  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes video of me shooting and posing in studio.
  • Quick reference summary of the most important concepts.
  • An image gallery showing you the final results.

It is my intention that you can use this guide to review all of the videos and summary like taking an online workshop, but then as an additional benefit you can also save this guide to your mobile device so that you have it with you at all times for quick reference, refresher, or just quick inspiration. Enjoy the content and good luck!

Belly Casting Introduction

Getting started

The first thing to consider with belly casting is timing. Belly casting is best done when the mom has a nice round belly, which is usually between 35 - 36 weeks if she will go full term. If she is having twins or expects health issues, you may want to create the belly cast earlier, around roughly 30 weeks.

Make sure to prepare your clients for a messy process! :) It’s often best to do a belly cast a different day then a maternity session.

You will want to keep kits in your studio to have on hand for clients who want to do the belly cast. The cast can be created by you in your studio, or your client can create her own cast at home. While we show two people creating the cast, you can easily do it yourself. If the client chooses to create her own cast, you can provide the kit to your client and she can bring it to her newborn session.

Tools Needed

  • Casting Material - Proudbody Belly Cast Kit
  • Protective gel - part of the kit
  • Drop cloth - for the floor
  • Towel - to use to clean up
  • Scissors
  • Water

Introduction To Belly Casting

Want More?

It is an honor to share what I have learned in creating belly casts with you.

In the full version you will learn all of the tricks I have learned over the years to grow your own confidence in creating a belly cast and posing newborns in the cast.

  • Creating the Cast
  • Posing Newborns
  • Posing Twins
  • Additional Tips & Tricks

It's $99 to Unlock All 5 Sections

Ana Brandt is an award winning photographer, author and educator who ahas been specializing in maternity and newborn imagery for 16 years. Her classic images stand the test of time as her clients return to her again and again to document their pregnancy and newborn arrivals. Known for her endless patience, Ana believes that to create a business that lasts, consistency and diligence on one’s work is essential. You can find her at www.anabrandt.com.